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Selected Work

Selected Fiction

Podcast Appearances

Spring 2024, The Maine Review


Fall 2023, Worcester Review

"Mother Nature"


Spring 2023, Atlas and Alice

"Papier-mâché Moai"

Winter 2023, Baltimore Review

Flash Fiction Contest Winner

"The Meetinghouse"

December 2022, Stanford Magazine

"Invisible Ink"

June 2022, Smokelong Quarterly

"Paradise Cut"

Winter 2022, Stonecoast Review

"Great Plains"

November 2021, The Centifictionist


December 2020, Griffel


December 2020, Digging


2013, Fish Anthology

"No" (2nd place Flash Contest)

April 1999, Stanford Magazine

"Out of the Blue" (1st place Fiction Contest)

March 2022, MFA Writers Podcast

with Jared McCormack

Listen Here

March 2021, In Short: The Story Podcast

Listen Here


letter from my grandmother, Deedles

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